The ACL SODA Bottle Collectors Page

It's crucial to emphasize that there are thousands of bottles in existence, with new ones being unearthed daily. The true value of a bottle is subjective, resting in the perspectives of both the seller and the buyer. Despite ACLs (Applied Color Labels) fetching substantial sums over the years, some seemingly common bottles in different regions might be priced higher than expected.

The design of the label and the choice of colors also play a significant role in determining value. Certain ACL soda bottles are exceptionally rare, coming in only one color, such as white or another distinct hue. The appeal of the label such as pictured labels contributes to the value, and an unattractive label can diminish it.

Additionally, the origin of major brands bottled in various towns influences value. While smaller towns may harbor more elusive finds, the national brand's value extends beyond the local area. For instance, the Five Points bottle from Johnson City, TN, serves as an illustration. Although it is a rare bottle to encounter, the widespread bottling of Five Points in different locations across the US makes the bottle itself more accessible.

The value of a bottle is dynamic, influenced by what individuals are willing to pay. Local collectors may have varying valuations, and once the local demand is met, selling becomes more challenging. While not rigid, this page serves as a helpful starting guide for enthusiasts.