My introduction to ACL soda bottles occurred at the age of 20 during a bottle show in Savannah, GA. At the time, I had accompanied my wife's grandfather, Paul Ward, to a local show while I was stationed in the military there. Although aware of his collecting hobby, I hadn't anticipated developing a similar interest.

Around 2002, during one of our outings to a show, he handed me $20.00 with the instruction to purchase a bottle. Initially indifferent to the idea, I ended up buying two bottles. Upon returning to the car, he offered me $40 for one of them. Despite my attempts to decline, he insisted, sparking my realization that there was a potential profit in this hobby.

Back home, as I navigated eBay on my dial-up computer, the prospect of financial gain in collecting became clear. Like any typical 20-year-old, I began acquiring every bottle I could find, only to discover a newfound desire to keep them instead of selling.

In the subsequent years, Paul Ward introduced me to his collector acquaintances, Fred Arwood and Cleo McClain. I am grateful for the time spent with them early on, as they shared a wealth of knowledge. My aim is to sustain the enjoyment of this hobby by sharing images of both my personal collection and those I have encountered in my travels.